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Android Phone Review: The OnePlus X

OnePlus is a mobile phone manufacturer famous for selling the OnePlus One with pre-installed CyanogenMod, instead of a bloated custom Android as most manufacturers do. Their newest model OnePlus X was released on November 5th 2015 and after a few days of use, it seems to live up to its promises.

OnePlus X

OnePlus X

Most Chinese brands suffer from the lack of finishing and low quality. OnePlus is something completely different. Everything about OnePlus seems different. It is like a completely new generation. The One Plus website is exiting. Their marketing is based almost entirely on using social media – and in a good way! The device we ordered from China’s Silicon Valley Shenzhen arrived in just a few business days. The packaging had a premium feel to it and what was inside matched the expectations set by the hype on their website.

Packaging includes a silicon case for added protection

Packaging includes a silicon case for added protection.

Excellent craftsmanship with shiny glass-like panels in front and back, connected by a metallic bevel. A vivid display and a responsive and fast Android 5.1.1 experience inside. Dual SIM card capability, great camera and 3 GB of RAM are just some of the high-end technical features. There is no need to repeat those details, as they are already well presented at the original site. All we need to say is that those promises are true and the quality is unexpectedly good. It definitely competes with the other high-end mobile phones in the range of 500-700 euros. And at what price is the OnePlus X available? Only 269 € in Europe, including taxes and tolls.

The only drawbacks we noted are related to problems in Android itself. Everything in what OnePlus has added and customized is done with good judgement and is a step forward.

Very fast and snappy UI

Very fast and snappy UI


Inside is Android 5.1.1

Inside is Android 5.1.1

For a Finns like us it was also delightful to notice that their website is also available in Finnish, and that the language is actually flawless and not an amateur translation. Naturally the device operating system Android also has Finnish as an option.

Have any of you already experienced the OnePlus X? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Otto Kekäläinen sanoo:

    Here are invite codes if you want to buy one: EU9D-8B33-3369-40F2, EU1F-8B6C-4EA5-823E
    They are valid only a short time, so use them quickly! As they are public anybody might have used them already.

  2. danielvhenny sanoo:

    Nice reviews about mobile .really worth of reading.


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